George Scicluna

Online Art Gallery


During this short interview by Anton F. Attard, George Scicluna introduces some of his collection of vivid and at times disturbing paintings at his studio. This talented Gozitan artist has been painting since he was very young, starting at the age of seven.

Whilst creating the paintings, which are a mixture of acrylics and oils, he never dreams of an exhibition but just wants to portray the inner conflict that he has felt within himself throughout the years.

Most of his paintings represent how he has been feeling at each stage of his life to date. They are autobiographical but at the same time bring out feelings that we all have. The paintings which are featured in this video are of Gozo’s scenery. However, George has also managed to paint some of the intricate narrow streets of the centre of Victoria, where he grew up, and brings to life with stunning likeness various figures sitting on their doorsteps.

Other paintings are of different styles. At one point he said that one painting that started off as a landscape of Marsalforn somehow ended up as an award-winning abstract, completely unrecognizable from its original self.

The painter himself does not feel he knows how to paint, but just starts work on something and than hopes for the best.