George Scicluna

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george-scicluna-style11 The Speaker of the Parliament Hon. Anton Tabone, officially inaugurated an exhibition at George’s Art Studio on Paul Portelli Street, Victoria, where a retrospective exhibition of George Scicluna’s art will be on show all year.

Mark Sagona M.A. introduced George’s latest work during the inauguration. Mark said, “Since I came to know George Scicluna, I have always nurtured admiration for the way George approaches his art, with meditation and thought and with an authentic, humble, yet assertive spirit.

His art is not meant to be decorative; on the contrary, it is the means through which his personal vicissitudes are given tangible forms and his concerns released. The anxieties which trouble the true artist are revealed through an incessant exercise of soul searching and experimentation.

Scicluna is one of the few genuine artistic spirits to emerge from Gozo at the turn of the 21st century.

Mark Sagona 2007

George Scicluna’s art is definitely paradoxical. It is original in concept and execution yet it hints at derivations from the old masters.  It is downright explicit yet mysterious and enigmatic. It is simple in mathematical structure yet charged with a pyschological introspection. It addresses the spectator with confidence, yet shrinks in a crisis of fear and insecurity…..

Definitely Scicluna’s thematic and stylistic approach challenges the inquisitive mind.

Joe Camilleri 2004

George Scicluna creates works the leave one speechless with their intensity, power and vigour. The strength of his art lies in his deep sincerity and honesty, in his genuine search for truth. Through personal and autobiographical his expression reaches in passion and glory towards the divine. His brand of romantic expressionism appeals to the people as the tradition of great masters, if finely woven to modern concepts and ideas.

Undoubtedly one of the best exponents of the younger generation of artists.

E. V. Borg 2000